Law Firm Marketing- 10 Tips for Attorneys to Grow Their Legal Practice Online

Law firm marketing can help any team of attorneys to become more competitive and grow their profits.

These 10 tips for attorneys who want to grow their legal practice will help you to stand out in your niche and gain new clients.

1. Choose a Good SEO Team
Search engine Optimization (SEO) is a critical element of success for any law firm that wants to establish a presence online.

A good SEO team will use proven strategies to help your site to rank higher in the search results.

2. Strengthen your Brand
Carefully develop a mission statement that describes how your law firm is different from others. Make it unique and encourage potential clients to learn more.

3. Learn about your Target Audience

You must learn as much as possible about your target audience. If you do not know what your audience is looking for, you will not create the right type of content for them.

4. Create Specific Pages for Unique Services
Do not place all of your services on one page. Instead, create a specific page for each service that you offer.

For example, estate planning should be dealt with in detail on one page, and not placed on the same page as establishing a pre nuptial agreement.

5. Make Navigation Easy
Make it easy for clients to navigate to each of these pages and learn more about how your legal team can help them.

Navigational tools should be easy to use. Even if someone does not spend a lot of time online, they should quickly be able to find the page that caters to their legal needs.

6. Develop A Social Media Strategy

Use social media strategically. Find out what your clients like, so that you can create social media content that exactly suits those needs. You can place this content on your website, blog and social media pages.

7. Combine Proven Techniques
SEO is used along with other online marketing techniques. For example, you can develop suitable promotions. This encourages other highqualitywebsites to link to your law firm’s website.

8. Select a Good Copywriter
The SEO team must include a copywriter who understands the area that you work in. They will create content with keywords that describe what your potential clients are looking for online.

9. Develop Engaging Videos
Videos can attract clients to your brand. Develop videos or engaging photos that appeal to them. Your videos should be interesting and fun to watch, while providing valuable content.

10. Utilize Market Research
Use marketing surveys to learn more about your potential clients. Also seek out reports, reviews and feedback from former clients that help to build trust.


Use these 10 marketing tips to help clients reach your website whenever they need help with their legal problems. Nowadays, many people are looking for lawyers they can trust to handle their cases carefully, and well-written content helps you to build that rapport with them.

If you’re looking for a legal marketing agency we recommend checking out SERP Co – one of the top law firm marketing companies. They can help you to strengthen your brand by creating an effective strategy that lets you reach clients online and offline.

Written by Shana Shearer

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